Odor Resistant-Stain Resistant-Moisture Resistant  with Unchanged Breathability

What makes WarriorteXspecial? It's all about OSM fiber Micro-Infusion Technology. WarriorteX is comfortable, safe, durable and "GREEN".

WarriorteX powered by OSM Shield doesn’t contain any chemicals harmful to the environment, Zero.

WarriorteX powered by OSM Shield is safe, environmentally responsible, and all of the OSM Shield chemistry is Bluesign approved. Bluesign is the leader in setting the controls and standards for environmentally friendly and safe textile production. This ensures that the OSM Shield chemistry meets very stringent consumer safety requirements and provides consumer confidence worldwide. You save considerable green—as in energy savings. With far less drying times and way fewer wash cycles required, OSM Shield offers you a real green advantage on your energy consumption and costs. Plus, the performance attributes we provide to natural fabrics allows for the use of far less petroleum based synthetic fabrics!

WarriorteX powered by OSM Shield creates a hyper genetic fabric system that dramatically speeds up the pass-through and evaporation process. Polyester and cotton fibers are “reliant” on wicking—which makes them susceptible to absorbing liquids like sweat and various bacterial germs. The bacteria, microbes and fungi actually feed off the dye used in the coloration of most fabrics. Our “Trade Secret” treatment both infuses and encapsulates each fiber in such a way as to oxygen starve any bacteria which may be present. OSM Shield is formulated to have “zero-tolerance” for moisture, stains and odors. No wonder ordinary laminates, membranes, DWR’s and other treatments cannot compare to WarriorteX powered by OSM Shield.

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