Keeping it Green Matters


All our WarriorteX EcoShield branded products using OSM Shield technology do not contain any chemicals harmful to the environment. Zero. WarriorteX EcoShield stands for consumer safety and environmentally responsible products, and all of the OSM Shield chemistry used in creating our unique performance apparel is Bluesign approved. Bluesign is the leader in setting the controls and standards for environmentally friendly and safe textile production. This ensures that the OSM Shield chemistry meets very stringent consumer safety requirements and provides consumer confidence worldwide. You save considerable green—as in energy savings. With far less drying times and way fewer wash cycles required, OSM Shield offers you a real green advantage on your energy consumption and costs. Plus, the performance attributes we provide to natural fabrics allows for the use of far

less petroleum based synthetic fabrics! 


This world belongs to all of us and we at WarriorteX believe that we must preserve it for future generations. Our employees have studied our environmental footprint and concluded that we can make a difference. We began by looking at our daily landfill removal and discovered that by looking for ways to reduce our waste, we were able to lessen that impact. Action plans have been implemented with major results. We have eliminated approximately 80% of our waste containers annually through minor operational adjustments. Working together, we now recycle such byproducts as cardboard tubes, boxes, scrap yarn, rag waste, plastic products from every area of our plant, and paper products.

Through transportation consolidation of our raw materials and our fabric shipments, we not only save money, but satisfy the national need to reduce fuel consumption.  Today, everyone works to group logistical movements for greater efficiency in daily operations.  Efficiency is not just a goal, but a way of life for us….as it should be. We believe that every effort counts from reducing reports, and forms to using more energy efficient lighting and heating/air conditioning. Our business is analyzed routinely to see if we are becoming more streamlined in our operation, but also with consideration of the impact that we may have on our planet.

We are proud of our efforts and have made our visions a reality. We all feel that future generations will benefit from these efforts. We are constantly looking for unidentified opportunities to make a new and cleaner environment where we can proudly say that we are doing our part.

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