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WarriorteX is 100% American Made Performance Sportswear. We believe that a warrior lives in each of us and our goal is to bring out that warrior in you!!  Whether it’s running, hiking, skiing, swimming, board sports, fishing, hunting or shooting, we’ve hand crafted the performance sportswear to meet your requirements for both performance and style with a unique twist, all WarriorteX sportswear is charged by OSM Shield, making all our sportswear moisture resistant, stain resistant, odor resistant with unchanged breathability. 

American Made…

What does that mean?  At WarriorteX it’s a simple question with a simple answer.  American made means made in America, by American’s, using American workers, American Designers, American Graphic Artists and American made fabrics.  WarriorteX will never stray from these guiding principles, nor will we ever turn our backs on the American textile industry and the wealth of talent (Fabric Technology, Manufacturing, Design, Pattern Making, Graphics, Cutting, Sewing, Packaging, Labeling, Quality Control and Marketing) that has long been ignored, but never defeated.


Every WarriorteX garment is hand crafted to meet our strict specifications and exceed your demanding performance


     Our highly skilled designers, patternmakers, cutters and seamstresses, with their years of experience make every WarriorteX garment with craftsmanship and pride that can only be achieved by a professional American textile worker.






Before any WarriorteX product is shipped to you, we put it through a rigorous inspection process to assure you that your getting the highest quality performance apparel, guarneteed to be made American tough and durable with American made reliablility and perfomance tested.

     Anything less would not be acceptable.











We develop and create all our WarriorteX products the way we live. Living life to the fullest is the spirit of WarriorteX,  it is a lifestyle that unites us as a company in our efforts to develop all our products to perform at maximum performance levels, while allowing you to enjoy your activity in comfort and style while experiencing durable sportswear that fits your active lifestyle.  It's what we live for. 

     Live life, embrace health and always perform at your highest levels.
     That's the WarriorteX way.



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